My first art book is out of print! My publisher, Design Studio Press, has sold all their copies. There are a still a few new and used copies kicking around on a couple Amazon sites and there may be some available at different book retailers, but that is it. Japanese publisher Born Digital bought the rights to this book, so they may still have some of the Japanese language softcover edition in stock, and may publish more in the future, but the English hardcover edition is out of stock.

Thanks to everyone that bought a copy of the book, and a special thanks to all that purchased signed copies from me personally as well.

I’ll have to get started on the next one……



Here is a pic of a holiday/moving card I did for G.L.Smith Planning & Design in Toronto. They were moving into new offices in the same building so we went with a theme of busting through the floor into their new space. Add in a few holiday touches and it doubles as their holiday card. Not very traditional.....but it was a lot of fun.

Thanks to Matthew Smith!



Even though I’m slammed with concept design work on 2 different projects with 2 different companies (plus the occasional 3rd contract in the mix…), along with kids and other family priorities, I do still manage to get a personal piece in there once in awhile. Here is a new(er) one I found some time to finish off.

Higher res. and additional images on my Art Station page here.

While I’d like to spend more time on this stuff, it will have to stay on life support at the moment….



Cover art for book 2 in Jeremy Mathiesen's swashbuckling Cyrus Longbones trilogy! A full wrap illustration was created for the paperback print edition and the front cover was re-puposed for the ebook and audio book versions.

Published by Viking House Publishing. Thanks to Jeremy!




I'm going to be on the judging panel again for The Rookies, a yearly international awards competition for student artists, designers, animators, creators, etc. Every year they hand out a bunch of great prizes and paid internships. 

Entries for the 2018 competition are now closed, by you can check out some of the amazing entries at: therookies.co

Given the large amount of interest and applications to the competition this year judging has been pushed back a couple weeks, but winners should be announced in mid July. 



My illustration of Haviland Tuf, George R. R. Martin's cat loving space adventurer, has been licensed for the cover of the new Spanish language edition of "Tuf Voyaging"! I did this illustration a few years ago for Wired Magazine (for an article regarding the publication of a new edition of Tuf Voyaging for the English market), so it is cool to see it used again. The book is available now and published by Nova/Penguin Random House.

Thanks to Joana Lopez at Penguin Random House.

Book display at the Libreria Gigimesh in Barcelona, Spain.

Book display at the Libreria Gigimesh in Barcelona, Spain.



Life has been pretty chaotic for me so far this year, so I'm catching up on some older news...but here is an interview I did a few months back with Spanish design/illustration magazine Gràffica.  

We discuss how I got into art, my career path, working with Nintendo and Microsoft and the EK Series.

Anyways, check it out here. I hope you can read Spanish! 

Thanks to Alicia Juan and Graffica! 

FURIOUS....no not really...

Over the past couple years I've helped out on Anki Overdrive with character design and illustration.  Earlier this year I was asked to work on their Fast & Furious cross over...again with character design and illustration. Working on film related projects can be bit tricky...as you have to jump through many levels of approval: internal developer approval, production studio approval, the I.P. holder approval and then the actors themselves. But I've worked on other film related projects in the past, so I know the drill. Things went fairly smoothly, but there were a few hick ups along the way, with the scope of the work being cut back, the Anki art director being replaced half way through the project and a few scheduling issues. But in the end, the work was finished and was given over to Anki. Fast forward a few months to release and I see that the characters that I had done have been changed - painted over and modified with body parts skewed and scaled. It was disappointing  to see. But you can't get too upset as these things. At the end of the day it is their property so they do as they wish and the new versions must have been approved by Universal and the actors.....so I guess everyone else is happy with it. That is the way it goes....

Anyways, here are my originals.....




Here is a logo design I did recently for small independent publisher Viking House. I usually shy away from straight up graphic design gigs....as I am much more of an illustrator than a graphic designer, but this one seemed that it would be pretty fun. It definitely helped that they had fairly good idea of what they wanted, a design blending a dragon and a viking longship, so that made the task easier. We went through a few different design iterations and we eventually settled on this.

After the primary logo was finalized, different logo display options were created.

Thanks to Jeremy!




This one is a holiday card graphic designed for Toronto based marketing and design firm G.L. Smith Planning & Design. They wanted something fun, that spoke to tech, design and Canada, but given current sensibilities, couldn't have any overt Christmas imagery or motifs. After a few iterations and options we settled on "The Greeting Machine", a bold graphic design of a contraption that displays well wishes and incorporates cute robotic interpretations of iconic Canadian animals. 

The final design was printed as a greeting card to be sent out to clients, colleagues, friends, etc., and it was also printed as a large format poster for use within the G.L. Smith office. 

Thanks to Matthew at G.L.Smith Planning & Design.